Thin, Dry, Wrinkled Lips

Dr. Macrene's DDD

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Causes of Lip Thinning

Thin, dry lips are caused by a number of factors including genetics, cold dry environment, diet, and lack of hydration.

Lip Therapies

Treatments include topical occlusives, usually comprised of waxes or ceramides, and in-office hyaluronic acid filler injections. For those with significant wrinkles around the mouth, Dr. Macrene will treat with botulinum toxin injections, fillers and resurfacing lasers or radiofrequency microneedling with platelet rich plasma.


When lips become thin, wrinkled, dry or chapped, MACRENE actives lip filler formula provides microencapsulated hyaluronic acid to replace injections, peptides to boost thickness and pinkness, ceramides to heal chapping, and 20 therapeutic oils to protect and replenish natural plushness. It is an all-in-one formula by Dr. Macrene to replace the need for cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Macrene Lip Regimen:



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