How to Know Which Tinted Moisturizer Shade You Should Get

Dr. Macrene's Artistic Pigment Formulation
Did you know that before Dr. Macrene became a physician and scientist, she was an artist? From a young age starting at 3, she drew and painted portraits. She taught herself how to make oil paints by grinding up colored stones and mixing the pigments with various oils. Fast forward and the Derm-Scientist used these unique skills to mix the world's most prestigious pigments alongside 45 of the best peptides, hyaluronic acids, brighteners and anti-oxidants to created the MACRENE actives High Performance Tinted Moisturizer. 
How to Select Your Shade
Dr. Macrene created each shade from Light to Extra Deep so that they adapt to your own internal pigments. Light scattering minerals allow for a range so that you can match directly or go a shade up or down as you wish. She has matched each shade to the dermatologist skin phototype:
Skin Phototype     Tinted Moisturizer Shade
1. Very Fair                                              Light
2. Fair                                         Light-Medium
3. Olive/Light Brown                           Medium
4. Medium Brown                      Medium-Deep
5. Deep Brown                                         Deep
6. Deepest Brown/Black                 Extra Deep
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