VOGUE Before & After MACRENE actives

Real result from 12 Months of Beauty with Dr. Macrene for VOGUE. Jancee Dunn used the MACRENE actives High Performance Face Cream, Serum and Neck and Décolletage Treatment for 12 months alongside non-surgical treatments.
On the eve of her 50th birthday, VOGUE journalist Jancee Dunn teamed up with world class dermatologist Macrene Alexiades, MD PhD to turn back the clock with a year of MACRENE actives skincare and non-surgical treatments. Here’s what happened.
As a journalist, Jancee Dunn spent the last three decades interviewing celebrities for Rolling Stone and MTV. After many late nights working behind the scenes, she began to witness the signs of her five decades on her skin—and found herself eager to do something about it. That idea brought her to Dr. Macrene, the most sought-after dermatologist and laser specialists in New York City.
“Give me a year, and I’ll get you to autopilot,” Dr. Macrene promised Dunn on Day 1. Over the course of 12 months, Dr. Macrene combined 12 non-surgical treatments along with consistent use of MACRENE active to transform Dunn's skin. When you look closely at the after photo, you can see that Dunn's complexion is smooth and poreless, her crow's feet have disappeared, and her jawline has magically climbed a few millimeters upward. According to one high-tech Microsoft age-guessing app, Dunn now looks 33.
"I didn't change her appearance at all; I just turned back the clock a decade," says Dr. Macrene. "It is my belief that I have replaced cosmetic procedures with MACRENE actives. If you apply the cream and the serum to the facial skin twice, the lip treatment to a nude lip and the neck and décolletage treatment to the neck, chest and hands, your skin will be rejuvenated and you can avoid lasers and cosmetic procedures," says Dr. Macrene.