Ask Dr. Macrene:At What Age Should I Start Anti-Aging Skincare?

Dr. Macrene recommends starting using skincare in your 20s:
"Starting in our 20s, collagen levels begin to decrease. Elastin synthesis ceases and this key skin component degrades with sun exposure. Over the subsequent decades, both collagen and elastin levels fall until they reach a very low level," explains Dr. Macrene. "Collagen fibers confer tensile strength to the skin, which prevents skin from tearing or forming wrinkles. Elastin provides the snap back resilience of the skin, which prevents skin from becoming lax."
Dr. Macrene has targeted the key skin assets through the use of numerous actives in MACRENE actives. Specifically, she has included select peptides that target skin thickness, smoothness, elasticity and firmness. She has also included a daily dose of small molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which penetrates and can further boost skin quality.
Repair Visible Signs of Aging:
High Performance Tinted Moisturizer
Extended Shade Launch
Dr. Macrene Alexiades MD PhD is a Harvard educated double boarded dermatologist and scientist known for her innovative use of technology and her groundbreaking anti-aging skincare MACRENE actives that keep her A-list clientele looking 15 years younger.
Her High Performance Tinted Moisturizer provides immediate beauty to the skin while 45 active ingredients repair the signs of aging for improvements in skin quality in the long term. Now available in a new extended shade range from Light to Extra Deep!
"My recommendation is to start young to stay young. My goal with MACRENE actives was to replace laser and injectable procedures through a steady stream of active ingredients on a daily basis. I believe I have achieved this goal," says Dr. Macrene.