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Q&A with Dr. Macrene, creator of 37 Actives

Q: What is an active?

A. It is a term that I coined to describe a cosmetic ingredient that gives clinical results to the skin.

Q: What inspired you to launch the 37 Actives brand?

A.  When I started my dermatology practice in Manhattan 15 years ago after obtaining a Harvard MD, PhD, and Board-certified training in dermatology and lasers, my patients and beauty editors told me they found it impossible to keep up with the countless new ingredients being touted in skin care on a daily basis. It would cost thousands of dollars a month and a lot of time in the day to layer on the number of products that would be required to get all these ingredients. Also, each product was maximally preserved with parabens, so layering on product meant overdosing on parabens. My 5000 patients begged me to put all the anti-aging ingredients proven to work active and stable in one pot and with their faith in me, I went about spending years in the lab to develop my patent for 37 Actives.  Originally, as the name implies, I included 37 of the world's best anti-aging actives, but now I am up to 50 in one pot!  I patented a method for lipoencapsulating and coordinating the actives to cover all anti-aging categories, and a third party lab showed they are active and stable at 100% activity in a single jar. I have updated the cream regularly so it is the most modern, powerful and complete One Step Skin Care Solution cream on the market.

Q: What makes 37 Actives superior to other brands?

A. The science is unprecedented and has raised the bar in skin care. For the first time in history, we conducted a post market study carried out by an outside lab who invented the antioxidant assays. They found that 37 Actives maintains 100% antioxidant activity as compared to 50% by the leading antioxidant on the market at 6 months after jar opening. The lab also showed that the total of the actives maintain virtually 100% levels 3 years after you open your jar (in a leading luxury competing cream, only preservative was left at 1 year!).  You get an incredible value with 37 Actives because it encompasses 50 of the anti-aging ingredients that have the most science behind them from the very best source labs in the US in a single jar, saving you thousands of dollars and much time and effort in your day. It is also patented, 100% US made in glass (no plastic), fully recyclable, and includes plant-derivation and USDA certified organically grown actives in a paraben-free, fragrance-free and free of animal or human-derived ingredients or animal testing formulation.

Q: What is the difference between 37 Extreme Actives vs. 37 Extreme Actives Extra Rich?

A. After launching 37 Extreme Actives high performance anti-aging cream, Neiman Marcus saw it as the heir apparent to La Mer and asked for a thicker, richer formulation for drier and more mature skin types. Whereas other rich creams contain petrolatum, mineral oil and wax, I avoided these ingredients because they cause acne and block penetration of actives. I accomplished my goals using clever lipids that are healthy for the skin without breaking you out.  You have the same One Step Skincare Solution for mature and dry skin types with even more actives.

Q. What are the benefits of using the High Performance Anti-Aging Cleansing Treatment?

A. I called it the Cleansing Treatment because it cleanses while it provides another 12 actives to the skin! It provides three vitamin Bs including niacinamide which is used to address blemishes to the skin. The product is almost 100% plant derived including the surfactants, and the plant actives are USDA certified organically grown. It is creamy yet foaming and everyone loves it as it can be used for makeup removal without tears, and delivers key actives. It also has a plant-derived active that locks in hydration, so unlike other cleansers, you will maintain hydration.  It is almost 100% plant-derived including the surfactants and preservatives and I strove to use as many organic extracts as possible. I believe it is the best and most effective cleansing system on the market that benefits all skin types.