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The Chalkboard, June 2016

Posted by Macrene Alexiades on

          Date: June 28, 2016

         Editor: Suzanne Hall

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FINDING THE PERFECT cleanser for your skin type is never more important than in the hot summer months. Sweaty temperatures, extra sun and maybe even a little travel can make use feel like showering three times a day. For the delicate skin on our faces, finding the perfect cleanser that won’t strip moisture, but will still get the job done is essential.

We’ve hand-picked a list of our favorite cleansers to spare you the frustration of finding the one. All five cleansers we’ve tried are free of harsh and toxic chemicals and provide different skin care solutions depending on your needs. Whether you’re dry, dull or reactive, we’ve got a balm, clay or treatment just for your skin type

37 Actives’ High Performance Anti-Aging Cleansing Treatment | This light serum-like cream cleanser is so packed with active ingredients we wish we could just keep it on our skin all day. Made free of all harsh and toxic ingredients, this cleanser is designed for mature and stressed skin types. Vitamin B and organic, plant-derived extracts mean this cleanser treats redness and unevenness while providing a hydrating cleanse. Contouring-lovers, use a makeup remover first to get the full benefits of the treatment.


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