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InStyle, July 2019

Posted by Macrene Alexiades on

The Badass 50

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Meet the women who are leading the way toward a better world.
Jul 10, 2019


InStyle's third Badass Women issue is here! And the cherry on top is always the bi-annual Badass 50 feature which spotlights dedicated women from the spheres of science, social justice, law, entertainment, politics, and other industries. Their poignant contributions to this issue are both enlightening and inspiring. We even have a handful of nominees in conversation with each other. You won’t want to miss what they have to say.


28. DR. MACRENE ALEXIADES: With three Harvard degrees and a skin-care line, Macrene Actives, the cosmetic dermatologic surgeon and Yale professor is working to make in-office aesthetic procedures obsolete. Dr. Alexiades, who cultivates plants on her farm and runs a dermatology and laser-surgery center in New York City, literally wrote the book on modern-day dermatology. Her textbook for aesthetic-therapy curricula will be available later this year. “It was always my dream to grow organic crops and manufacture products in my own lab,” she says. “I see myself as the modern version of Estée Lauder.”




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