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Elle Magazine, September 2016

Posted by Macrene Alexiades on


            September 20th, 2016
  Editor: Emily Dougherty/Megan Deem 
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                                  The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging
        The latest technology for keeping your hair, skin, and body young.
Mark your calendars: Kendall Jenner turns 21 on November 3! For those of you who have been drinking legally for some time now, we arm you with our annual top-to-toe anti-aging guide, packed with the latest clock-stopping gizmos, procedures, and injectables (with a little visual inspiration from Kendall and Co. at the fall 2016 couture collections). If we've learned anything from Jenner's clan, it's this: Youth, shmooth—dermatology is power.


4. The 37 ACTIVES High Performance Anti-Aging and Filler Lip Treatment can be swept over or under lipstick, providing targeted delivery of more than 50 pout-protecting ingredients, including volumizing hyaluronic acid.






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