BRITISH VOGUE:Dr. Macrene Triumph Over Sarah Brown's Jowls

Dr. Macrene worked her magic on VOGUE contributing editor Sarah Brown to lift and tighten her sagging jowl in Project Jowl. Read on to see how Dr. Macrene rewinds Sarah's clock to restore her tight jawline––and get Dr. Macrene's lifting results with our bundle offer!
"It was my distinct pleasure to develop the world’s best nonsurgical weapon to kill the jowl and to fight shoulder to shoulder with the world’s fiercest beauty reporter on the front lines!" —Dr. Macrene.
Dr. Macrene's Jowl-Lifting Magic in A Bottle
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The High Performance Serum's formula is inspired by over two decades of Dr. Macrene’s experience with lasers and injectable fillers, both in the office and in the lab. Dr. Macrene researched peptides which are published to specifically upregulate elastin formation, while identifying a mixture of hyaluronic acids at different molecular weights that immediately plump skin and boost skin thickness beneath the surface. By replacing lasers and injectables with peptides, hyaluronic acid and a total of 55 actives, Dr. Macrene is creating topical skincare proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
“I’ve found through my research and injectable work with patients that hyaluronic acid delivered into the skin’s layers has a biostimulatory effect,” says Dr. Macrene. “With the serum, you can mimic these effects.”