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Violet Grey, August 2015

Posted by Macrene Alexiades on

"Solutions for reversing (and preventing) skin damage  after months of basking in the sun.   
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"The end of August vacation brings with it a reality check: Those beach days were glorious, but the skin damage left in their wake (hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, dehydration), are anything but. Here, a plan of attack for triage and prevention courtesy of dermatologist (and creator of 37 Actives skincare) Dr. Macrene Alexiades and holistic aesthetician Kristina Holey."
"As Dr. Macrene Alexiades, a New York dermatologist who specializes in anti-aging therapies and lasers, asserts, “Sun damage overrides all else, playing the biggest role in skin aging,” Here's how it works: UV rays penetrate the skin and cause the collagen and elastin to break down, causing the skin to get thinner. “This manifests with wrinkles and sagging and laxity of the skin. As your skin tries to fight UV exposure it increases melanin production and that’s how you get age spots.” The fairer-complected among us are the most susceptible, though no one is immune.
There is truth in the statement that you need to start young to stay young, because what you see at the end of a well-spent summer is actually the cumulative effect of UV rays literally chomping away at your collagen year after year. “Most of the damage that we see is the long term effect of the degradation of the dermal matrix,” says Kristina Holey, a San Francisco and New York facialist with a bevy of editor clients who is known for her holistic approach. “As you enter your thirties and beyond any damage from your childhood, adolescence, or twenties will start to express itself on the skin."
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