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Van Winkle's, July 2015

Posted by Macrene Alexiades on


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"It happens to everyone: You doze off at the beach or spend too much time in the water; unbeknownst to you, that SPF 5,000 sunblock you applied in the morning has lost its nerve. You're baked, burnt and dreading bedtime, when even lying down can be torturous.
Anticipating your next summer sizzle, Van Winkle's asked two dermatologists for their advice on treating a nasty sunburn."


Apply Aloe ASAP


Just Add Water

"According to Macrene, sunburned skin loses fluids more quickly than healthy epidermis. Additionally, keeping sunburned skin moist will help it heal faster. So stay hydrating. And, no, frozen margaritas don't count."

No Popping, No Picking

“Blisters, contrary to popular opinion, heal faster when left intact,” says Macrene, “and they're less likely to scar." By removing that fragile flap of blistered skin, you're essentially creating an open wound. And guess what? Open wounds heal more slowly."

Slather It On

"The healing process doesn't end when your pain does. To aid full recovery and reduce scarring, Macrene advises green tea extract cream or silver gel applied before going to bed."

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